Stéphanie Laforce

Multimedia artist and electroacoustic composer, Stéphanie creates her own worlds. She builds interactive sound interfaces. Her musical production embraces compositions with varied and specific universes through their poetry and social commitment. From concerts to exhibitions, from indoor/outdoor installations-interventions to performances, she decompartmentalizes practices through choices of representation that combine poetry, history and physical presence. Her approach attempts to answer an essential question, the place of the human in a mechanical world.


Stephanie Laforce 1.JPG

Ce qui nous (RE) lie...

An interactive digital "in-between" allowing to (RE)connect while maintaining a physical distance. By manipulating the rubber bands, the audience becomes an actor and plays this interactive musical instrument. Each rubber band is provided with its own musical behavior that either triggers sounds (fog horns, seagulls, thunder) or generates sounds (wave amplitude, wind acceleration, siren and marine animal songs...). A sound crossing is created between the different users confined in their play space. We are all on the same boat...