Superbe is a hybrid creative studio created in 2011 in Namur. Its creators develop interactive experiences putting the human being at the center of technology, emotion and play. Sound molecules, electronic components and disoriented photons are used in functional, playful and offbeat concepts.


Geometric Music

By becoming a geometric figure, the rhythm reaches your eyes and ears simultaneously: you see the rhythm you hear. Choose a shape and record a sound. As you slide along each edge of the shape, the sound becomes structured. Too slow? Too fast? You can now influence the rhythmic structure of your sound by playing with the playback parameters on each edge: normal, reverse, lower, higher, silence. 

All the shapes - and therefore all the rhythms - are synchronized, allowing the emergence of a complex, collective, infinite, constantly renewed musical work.



The Light Pixel Game

The Light Pixel Game is a simple one player game in which the player must align colorful bricks but as you play, the difficulty of the game increases!


Tetris_The Light Pixel Game 2.jpeg