A multi-layered project aimed at developing creativity and facilitating learning through one of a kind sound devices. The project was developed by Mathieu Zurstrassen and Martin Pirson, with the support of TRAKK.




The WackOntroller is the first in a series of electronic devices from the educational platform: The Wicked School of Wacks.

It consists of a versatile musical control surface, acting as a sequencer capable of recording and playing back rhythmic compositions. 

With our first instrument, the WackImpact, you can quickly transform any medium into a sound box.
You also have the possibility to synchronize several controllers and multiply the power of your Orchestra to infinity.
Other instruments such as the Slide Whistle, an Organ with bird calls or even an automatic guitar are already in the pipe! The WackOntroller and its dependencies will soon be distributed assembled or in kit to assemble oneself, it is specifically designed to be at the heart of many trainings and workshops: Welding, Programming, 3d printing and laser cutting, here is a range of skills that you can acquire online or even in the flesh thanks to the educational content platform.