Line Up


18:30 - 20:30

Let's celebrate the 10 years of KIKK Festival! Cocktail only available to guests and Experience Pass holders.

Live de Rehab Hazgui

20:30 - 21:00


Rehab Hazgui (b.Tunisian) is a trandisciplinary designer, composer and improviser of electronic music. Using the analog synthesizer and handmade audio devices, she explores the endless movement of sound, repetition and the use of silence as a third space on the boundary to navigate between different forms of listening. Through immersive live improvisation, Rehab interacts with her synthesizers, guiding their development and growth into pieces that unfold in the present moment. Much of her work is informed by her deep adoration for sound, and her grounded relationship with the analog synthesizer, a tool she has applied herself to not only as a composer and player but also as a designer and builder.


21:00 - 23:30


"Born somewhere in the green valley of Belgium, where you can find silence and nature, the basics of JAVELØ’s music came from flea market and old records. Take some analogue machines, turntablism skills and black coffee, and you’ll get something”.

Le Motel

23:00 - 00:30


Hailing from Brussels, Le Motel's world is a vortex of sight and sound that takes in the many and varied corners of the planet. As a music producer and film composer his versatility has taken him to festivals and clubs in every direction as naturally as he has ventured out to the 
less accessible areas of the globe as a field recordist. It's somewhere in between these spa- ces that Le Motel operates, gathering unique experiences and sounds to channel through his studio.

Rokia Bamba

00:30 - 02:00


Rokia Bamba has made quite a name for herself from Brussels to Paris thanks to her unique, audacious style which combines a cappella, groove, punk and numerous other genres. She does not DJ in any old circuit but chooses the activist circles of Globalicious, the Massimadi Festival and the Afropunk Festival, of which she and DJ Pilow will organize a first Belgian edition in 2019.