Andreas Refsgaard

Andreas Refsgaard is an artist based in Copenhagen. Working in the field between art and interaction design he uses algorithms, coding and machine learning to explore the creative potentials of digital technologies.

Andreas applies a humorous and cheerful approach to the digital tools and their potential applications, purposes and values. His works consists of imaginative and unconventional combinations of inputs and outputs allowing people to e.g. play music using eye-movement, control games by making silly sounds or transforming drawings of musical instruments into real compositions.

Playful Machine Learning with ml5js and Runway

This playful workshop will work as a hands on introduction to machine learning with a focus on creating your own interactive applications that live on the web. Besides being a hands on introduction to simple artificial intelligence the workshop will cover how to : 

- Make interactive websites that can learn and react to user input from the webcam

- Train supervised machine learning algorithms in minutes 

- Use the friendly ml5js library that builds on top of Tensorflow.js as well as the more advanced software Runway

- Experiment with techniques like GANs and GPT

Requirements: Bring your own computer with a functional webcam and Google Chrome installed. 

Experience level: No prior coding or machine learning knowledge required.