Loulou João

Loulou João is an Afro-Belgian 3D illustrator and animator, due to her mixed roots, she has developed an inter-dimensional world view. For this reason, she approaches the political, cultural, socio-economic and historical aspects of the white world in an analytical way. She examines how white superiority is maintained and how it affects her own identity and position in this societal context. She attempts to shed a different light on the narrative and representation of black and mixed race women. She sees blackness as a technology that is constantly evolving to survive and fight objectification and oppression. Using 3D software, she visualizes her own reality, a digital world made of candy-coated plastic objects. In this reality, she feels able to focus on expressing her true self without any constructs weighing her down. She creates her own safe space, which gives her the opportunity to reflect on the problems she faces in the physical world.




Miss Focket Forever Flower Bebe

During her talk, Loulou will touch on the concept of transcending personal boundaries through the use of a digital alter ego. Through her work she'll show how the need for representation can turn into action and with this process connections can be formed with an audience. With her signature bubbly visual approach, she can implement cuteness in different ways to convey a message that thinks critically on its context, while celebrating its hyper femme take on its surroundings.