Nantes St Nazaire Delegation

Franky Trichet - Vice-President in charge of innovation, digital and international relations of Nantes Métropole

Fabrice Berthereaux - Deputy Director General Samoa - Samoa, the urban and creative factory on the island of Nantes, leads and networks local players in the field of creative and cultural industries.

Anaig Plassard - Annaïg is an author, designer and musician. She is notably the conceptor and director of Pr Cyclope (digital comics) and co-author of "Féministes". Through these different activities, she "tries to participate in the creation of the world she wants to see happen" (editor's note). She has gathered all her creations and inspirations here

Matthieu Colombel - Matthieu is the CEO of Black Meal, a creative and motion design studio, specialised in the direction and production of animated communication films, present in Nantes, Paris and Montreal. He co-organizes with his partner the Motion Motion festival, dedicated to motion graphics.  

Gatien Sepulchre - Gatien is the director of Make ici, a network of factories for craftsmen and entrepreneurs. This third place brings together artisanal, artistic and technological know-how.

Moderated by Géraldine Lance, journalist and presenter. 

From makerspaces & urban creative factories to motion design & digital comics

Crossed views of people from Nantes from different backgrounds, linked by creativity and to their territory. This conference will focus on the history of a creative metropolis rethought and reinvented endlessly by its citizens, urban planners, artists, entrepreneurs and craftsmen. Come and discover how this creativity is nourished by the collective spirit inherent in the city and the opportunities that arise from it. 




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