Hovertone is a team of designers of interactive and immersive experiences. They imagine and create custom-made installations, seeking to provoke emotion, trigger interaction, tell stories and create magic. They break the boundary between the physical world and the digital world, in order to offer new and captivating experiences thanks to new technologies. But these technologies are never an end in themselves. They are at the service of human experiences, constantly reinvented. It is the desire to amaze that incites Hovertone to constantly innovate.


Who would have thought that being together in the same room could become rare and precious? The COVID-19 crisis made us aware of the limits of "video-presence" and the importance of the body. The Traces project is the result of this questioning. Immersed in an imaginary world, visitors can leave a diffuse imprint of their physical passage. This digital trace is their only key to meet other visitors who have passed before them. This dialogue without words between present and absent visitors is built through an algorithm that analyzes the bodies and their movements. 

A production made with the financial support of the Rayonnement Wallonie grant, an initiative of the Walloon Government, operated by St art sa. 


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