Amélie Bouvier, Lucien Bitaux & André Fuzfa

Amélie Bouvier, a graduate of the Toulouse School of Fine Arts, is an artist who is both deconstructive and poetic in her approach. Her work struggles with the space between reality and representation.

A graduate in graphic design from the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs in Paris, Lucien Bitaux founded Scoposcopie, a discipline that aims to find new ways of representing imperceptible dimensions (micro/macroscopic).

André Fuzfa, a doctor of physics, mathematician and astrophysicist, is a lecturer at the University of Namur and head of the Antoine Thomas Astronomical Observatory. His research ranges from the problem of dark energy to the modelling of interstellar travel.

Chill & Sciences : Arts, sciences & technologies

During each "Chill & Sciences", researchers and experts from the six faculties of the University of Namur, as well as specialists from partner institutions, offer to meet you to discover their research topics, current affairs and citizen issues.

As part of the KIKK Festival, you will come to the meeting point of creative disciplines and sciences with a discussion between the artists and the researcher of this summer's artistic residency at the TRAKK Fablab. This collaboration between the KIKK, Le Delta and UNamur was made possible by the European ERDF and STARTS funds, and by the services of TRAKK.

This conference does not require a pass and is accessible to all.