Cathline Smoos

Passionate about the world of sexuality, imaginary worlds and freedom, this new Noosexplorer has decided to take command of the ship to explore the boundaries of sexuality and imagination with a poetic and playful dimension. In her empire, love recognizes no other boundaries than those of pleasure. So take a ticket, make yourself comfortable, the departure is imminent. Get ready, because with these associates of all kinds, they're not done making your head spin! Cathline Smoos, divides her time between accompanying sexual and relational difficulties with individuals in her liberal practice, and these explorations, research in various fields related to sexuality, love, health and culture.


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How to teleport yourself thanks to SexTech

Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac, said Timothy Leary. This talk is an invitation to drown into your deepest fantasies, to use your imagination and immersive technology to extend the game of erotism and love. I will teach you how to teleport yourself, increase your erotic intelligence and extend your consciousness thanks to the new technology tools that's our generation provides us. Make your days and nights an ultimate SexTech playground. The future of sexuality is yours !