Robert Henke

Robert Henke is a composer, artist and software developer, mainly known for his contributions to electronic music and for his laser works. His audiovisual installations are based on self written software and explore a fragile balance between determination and chance operations to create complex behaviours and endless variations in expression. His musical work oscillates between ambient, contemporary music and club. His long term project Monolake became one of the key icons of a new electronic club culture emerging in Berlin after the fall of the Wall. He is one of the main creators of Ableton Live, a software which became the standard for music production and completely redefined performance of electronic music. He writes and lectures about the creative use of computers and held teaching positions at CCRMA/Stanford University, at IRCAM, and the Studio National des Arts Contemporains - Le Fresnoy, in Lille, France.


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The making of CBM8032AV - a journey between art and engineering

CBM8032AV is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by Studio Robert Henke, in the making since five years. Five early "Personal Computers" from 1980 are networked to create an audiovisual concert.  The talk describes the genesis and development of the project, the artistic ideas behind it and the complex interaction between technical opportunities, limits and the creative results. It shows the development from the first ideas to its current state, and what is planned for it in the future. It also gives insight into the technology used and  the magic of early computer languages.