Axiles Bionics

Axiles Bionics is a spin-off from the VUB that was created in January 2019 with the mission to improve the quality of life with smart assistive robotics and with the ambition to build an innovation center of excellence in new bionic technologies. Based upon 14 years of robotics research, Axiles Bionics focus on lower limb amputees and brings new generation bionic feet to the market.


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Axiles Bionics

Current prostheses are still a long way off from fully replacing a lost limb. 14 years of robotics research led to the development of a technology capable of recreating the combination of strength and flexibility of a human ankle. The prototype equipped with this innovation has shown to be capable of bringing back a natural gait and posture during daily life activities, being responsive to the person’s intention and assisting during efforts by compensating for the lost leg muscle.