HEAJ / Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard

Located in the city centre and in the province of Namur, the Haute École Albert Jacquard offers cutting-edge teaching in 4 areas : pedagogy, economics, transmedia and computer graphics. Within this computer graphics establishment, the "Real Image" option was inaugurated in 2018. This option studies image capture devices that draw their materials from reality, both in terms of still and moving images. Students produce films, reports, photographic series, as well as immersive scenic devices (video-mapping, 360° images, etc.).


The KIKK is an opportunity for the final year students of the IR option at the HEAJ to experiment with immersion and video-mapping techniques by taking over the premises of the economic section of the Haute Ecole, located on Place St Aubain in the centre of Namur. This building, these walls, these corridors, their history, their vocation as a school place will serve as a "playground" for a visual, artistic and immersive workshop. More "work in progress" than finished work, come and discover the playful and offbeat universe of the HEAJ students!


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