Phoenix AI

The startup company was launched by Laurent Renard et Nathalie Vinchent, ex-founders of I-MOVIX, world leader of high speed cameras for live sport broadcast (from 2004 to 2018) with customers and partners like NFL, NHL, NBA, MotoGP, F1, UEFA, FIFA, Olympic Games, ... PHOENIX AI started its activities thanks to some European & Walloon Region R&D fundings and raised funds with venture capitals in October 2019. The company has already a track record of successful integrations of edge on-device artificial intelligence and deep learning features for surveillance, security and smart cities cameras. PHOENIX AI builds hardware electronic and software solution for embedded AI. The startup company has a 5 engineers and PhD’s R&D team with a total of 7 persons, and is based in Tournai (Belgium). The startup company is a member of the NVIDIA INCEPTION Program for startups and a member of the NVIDIA Metropolis Program as an advanced partner. The company is a technological partner of Milestone (for Xprotect VMS). Sm_All is the flagship product of the company. It is made of a proprietary motherboard including a GPU chipset of NVIDIA for AI processing. Sm_All is dedicated to real-time vision, is powered with class 4 PoE, and is able to make up to 4 simultaneous AI detection in realtime as a vision IoT device. The embedded technologies used by PHOENIX AI in Sm_All are at a state of the art level. The company is a hardware manufacturer and a software Research and Development company in the field of embedded vision with AI and Deep Learning. The startup company is a technology block supplier with a network of integrators and commercializing partners.



Phoenix AI

An edge on-device artificial intelligence and deep learning to make all cameras smart (finally).