We have been in love with the concept of kinetic sand sculptures ever since we saw them for the first time, but everything available in the market is either too bulky, too expensive or both. So after dozens of prototypes we designed SANDSARA. It has been obsessively engineered down to the smallest detail to reach our goal of making an affordable sculpture without sacrificing on quality. There is something about SANDSARA that connects to a very primal and deep part of our brains. Maybe it's the perpetually changing patterns drawn in a bed of very fine sand, maybe it's the surprising motion of the sphere that appears to move by magic, or maybe is knowing that every time you look at it, the pattern will be unique and soon will be gone forever. Whatever that something might be, when you walk past it, it is impossible to ignore. The name SANDSARA is a reference to Samsara, a concept essential to many Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. It is meant to represent the infinite cycle in which everything is born, lives, dies, and is reborn. It implies all of our actions are connected with the universe. All the things that have happened before have brought us to the place we are standing right now.


SANDSARA Halo .jpg


SANDSARA is not just a captivating piece of art. After spending some time appreciating it, it seems like something greater. Like a new kind of life form creating, unique and surprising patterns, always evolving.
Infinite artworks in one single object
Creating new paths for SANDSARA is incredibly simple. Not only will you be able to choose from over 100 patterns from our growing library, but building your own patterns is very easy, as it understands X and Y coordinates.
Our iOS and Android app also allows you to download new patterns or translate
existing polar or .svg ones, which means you will be able to load pretty much any
path you want. The possibilities really are endless.