Cyril Diagne

Cyril is a co-founder of Init ML, a company that brings machine learning research to production through practical uses, such as "AR Copy Paste". After graduating from Gobelins in 2008, he co-founded the interactive art collective LAB212. In 2015, he started a residency at Google Arts & Culture, where he bootstrapped the Google Arts Experiments initiative and created multiple machine learning projects such as the viral phenomenon Art Selfie. Cyril is also a former Professor and Head of Media & Interaction Design at ECAL in Lausanne (Switzerland) where he continues to give regular workshops.

Photo credit : Saskia Lawaks


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AI assisted UIs

Apple’s AI chief John Giannandrea recently said in an interview “I really honestly think there's not a corner of iOS or Apple experiences that will not be transformed by machine learning over the coming few years." The widespread deployment of AI across every layer of digital platforms may be one of the most important paradigm shifts for UI/UX designers since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. User interfaces are being reshaped by context awareness and intent prediction. We’re entering an era of AI assisted UIs which involves new mechanisms, new codes and new aesthetics. This talk will go through some principles and demos that show how some interactions can be reinvented with AI.